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How to make/wear a Titan harness

Of course! I was meant to make a tutorial forever ago, so you got my arse into gear haha~ so here we go, a tutorial for making a Titan belt harness and how to put it on yourself vwv

-firstly, I used 10 metres of belting material (that’s about 11 yards ) and 5 belt buckles.

- all parts were sewn together, very very slowly, because the material I used was thick like plastic and needles like to break on that shit.

-also my word is not gospel, there are 120 ways to make/put on a Titan harness so you don’t need to do it this way. I made this a few days before flying out to AX so a lot of it was made on the fly with little thought or planning.

okay so

-here’s the entire harness, which is all interconnected~

-the best way to make the harness fit to /your/ body, is grab a tape measure, and measure all the parts on yourself. Then cut them from your belting material and tape the parts together ( I used my mannequin form ) it’s also a good way to figure out which parts should and shouldn’t connect ( because you still need to get in and out of the damn thing XD )

-I’m pretty bad with explaining without showing someone in person, so I figured looking at images would be easier to see where I sewed the joins to what parts.

-anyhows, this part just slips over my head like so. And my arms go through the holes where my left hand is half in.

- i decided to make the right side clip on and off, not wanting to struggle to get it over my head then push my arms through both sides. I’ve made a lot of uncomfortable cosplays before, and sometimes they are so heavy, or stifling I’ve almost fainted in them.

Now I’m not saying a Titan cosplay is that intense, however even just being around hundreds of bodies during a con, or having worn your gear for hours can tire you out and you might want a quick way to get things off NOW. Fainting in cosplay can be really dangerous, so always make a way to rip your cosplay off quickly if that starts to happen!

-and the clip is totally hidden and fits all nicely at the front~

-this is how it looks on the sides~

-so half of the crotch strap is attached to the bottom of the top harness, so I just pull it around. I know a lot of cosplays keep the top and bottom harness seperate ( which is probably more accurate and makes going to the toilet easier ) but this way works just as well, so it’s up to you really.

-the two thigh straps go through the grey plate thing ( I just made them like really long button holes ) and the calf straps are sewed to the bottom thigh strap

-and my awesome socks

-I just step into the straps and pull them up~

-okay so attached to the back of the top thigh strap is part of the butt straps. So I just pull it around, where the end is attached to the second set of thigh straps.

-and you just put them on like so.


-so to keep the thigh straps from not falling down ( because the do and will even with the butt straps keeping one side up ) I’ve put in clear fishing wire which slips through my big waist belt. I swear the last thing you want to worry about is your harness slipping in places and having to constantly stop to rearrange things. Ugh XD

-now the other crotch strap comes around, and clips to the bottom of the top harness and slips under the waist belt. This part actually fell off during AX, but hey nothing a pin can’t fix 8”D

-like so.

-then the final parts of the butt straps are clipped into place.


- I didn’t make the foot straps, soooo to keep it in place, its just safety pinned to my jeans haha ( all the messy secrets behind my cosplays are revealed aahhh )

-and there you go


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