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woop, sorry this took awhile to get too!

Depends on how you want to incorporate them into your costume :) if you want them rigged on your back with your arms free, or connected to your arms.

here’s a quick diagram that might help. The hardest part of wing construction is making a really solid base for everything. Once you know it won’t fall apart, adding the extra embellishments is really easy!

so on this picture, I’ve mark out the 4 most important things


1. the joint that will connect the wings to your back. Find a solid base- I used an old diving pack for my large scale dragon wings, but a plank of wood is also fine. I used a plank of wood for my Kira wings, and wooden and cardboard for Gwen’s~ then it’s easy enough to bolt and screw the root of the wings down onto this base.
2.the pivot that will let your wings move up and down- or if you don’t want them to move, the middle pivot is still just as important! For my dragon wings, I welded metal rings on the tips of my metal frames, then slotted a screw in the middle, and screwed them all together when I wanted to wear them.
3.the membrane material. Latex is the best, but is still totally doable with a cheaper material like any old cotton fabric ( just glue it down onto the metal frames ) I would suggest dyeing cotton and weathering it like the pretty orange this dragon has :) also maybe draw in viens to give it more texture~
4. and I had a forth thing but apparently forgot what it- oh, the frame work. I used a thin metal rod for the main viens I guess you could call them, when I bend into shape.

if you want them to connect to your arm


1. I would make some kind of sleeve on your arm so them
2. you can connect the wing to the sleeve
 3. the pivot that attaches all the wing joints would go around here ( use the lightest metal rod you can find for the frame work ) so the idea would be they fold down when you lower yours arms, and flap open as you lift them

anyhows, I really hope some of this helps!

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