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If I'm not covered in blood or sfx, I'm either cosplaying things with giant wings and armour, or tsundere boys. Hope you enjoy my work!

Ren | Aoba | photographer

I forgot I took these like a month ago

myself as Ryuko, Icarus as Satsuki / photography by Pixi

leavemycamera replied to your post “Hey there, just wondering, will you be doing an SnK cosplay at Auckland Armageddon this year?”

I’m probably going as Eren this year and I was just wondering if there would be anyone else around doing SNK cosplay.

ooh I see! are you a member of the CNZ page? if you post and ask around there am sure you’ll get a better answer of who else is snking :)

leavemycamera sent: Hey there, just wondering, will you be doing an SnK cosplay at Auckland Armageddon this year?



I’m only making two new cosplays for Auckgeddon, then rewearing for the other two days. And so far only one rewear has been filled. So SNK is a possibility if friends don’t ask me to do anything else I’ve made previously.

. .  whhyyy?

Anime Expo 2014


Here are the pics I took from my phone! Selfies and awesome cosplays! :D 

askerenscreeper (gaaah you’re so awesome and such a nice person to meet/chill with! xD)


shikarius (duuude so stoked to have met you and I forgot to tell you I love your cosplaysss and admire your hardwork! :3)


nicepitching and indulging-inaccuracy (It was real nice to have met you both! It’s awesome to have met the ask blogs that has given me joy and laughter xD) 


johnnyjunkers (Johnny it was so awesome to meet you! Amazing cosplay and props! :) ) 


Tommy and his friend were such chill guys to have talked to while waiting in line for a panel! It was really nice to have met you guys and thanks for keeping me company (because waiting in line can be boring -_-)! I hope much happiness and luck in your lives! :) 


Adorable Ahri cosplayer! :3 


Pics of cosplays in this Link :) 


I’m glad our silly askblogs made you happy ahhh



Anime Expo Set #1

If you see yourself, please let me know and I’ll credit/tag you!

Koto: Xue

Ryuko: unknown

Ragyo: unknown

Nui: unknown

Mako: unknown

Ene: unknown

Misao: unknown

Vaporeon: unknown

Ragyo is nimbus-cloud and Ryuko is nicepitching!

thanks for the photo! ( i’m the Ryuko this is my sewing blog hehe~ )



AX master selfie post go! Most of the selfies I got over the weekend, I was too lazy this time D:

With husband/ ask-irl-levi / indulging-inaccuracy, nicepitching, danchou what is your url even; leviheichou-he who I awkwardly stared at for several minutes because I wasn’t sure he was gonna be at the con that day; papaerwin who merited my BEST UNATTRACTIVE FACE; asksmallgoddesschild my Hoozuki partner in crime (nice ears, bro); siriex is the blur in the ball pit I swear; subduedfangirl GAVE ME A THING; and the post movie K gathering! Aka: Reds + traitor Reds


so this was a thing

so this was a thing

Hey guys!

While I have the computer to myself- I just finished my weekend at AX~ and I cosplayed nothing to my schedule lmao apart from when I was working Daisuke as Ryuko 8’D

I won’t report much here- but it was so awesome seeing everyone again, and now I’m gonna spend the rest of my vacation relaxing with my gf~