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If I'm not covered in blood or sfx, I'm either cosplaying things with giant wings and armour, or tsundere boys. Hope you enjoy my work!


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I take a lot of selfies you don’t even know lm a  o

gonna tag big sis, Anidur, thing in law, kohai, friendo, this dumb

Anonymous sent: where did you get your noya wig?? (answer privately please!)

. .  I would but… you’re on anon so

this is awkward lm a  o

its actually a Bon wig ( ao no exorcist ) I got from Taobao almost 3 years ago now, and the blonde mohawke needs to be dyed out before my shoot with him!

Asahi Makeup Tutorial

I promised my friend I’d help her with her Asahi makeup! I’m honestly not very good at doing makeup on others, so thought I’d just do it on myself. I don’t suit Asahi AT ALL so don’t laugh too hard

continues on from Levi make up tutorial and Eren make up tutorial

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myself as Makoslinky-sews as Ryuko icarus-cos as SatsukiTing Cosplay as Aikuro



myself as Mako
slinky-sews as Ryuko
icarus-cos as Satsuki
Ting Cosplay as Aikuro

Salty but sweet~

Roxas | Sora | photographer

'My one and only saving grace is being optimistic after all. . '

Naegi, Aoi

photography by Jimi

Ren | Aoba | photographer

I forgot I took these like a month ago

myself as Ryuko, Icarus as Satsuki / photography by Pixi

leavemycamera replied to your post “Hey there, just wondering, will you be doing an SnK cosplay at Auckland Armageddon this year?”

I’m probably going as Eren this year and I was just wondering if there would be anyone else around doing SNK cosplay.

ooh I see! are you a member of the CNZ page? if you post and ask around there am sure you’ll get a better answer of who else is snking :)